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Medieval and ancient times hardly had any use or mention of air conditioning. With architectures being dominated by high ceilings and well space and strategically planned windows, a well-ventilated and aired space would manifest in most homes and windows. However as times changed, large families started to make way for more nuclear ones, which would need optimized spaces with sleek designs and similar architectures, which hardly allowed any provision for ventilation or air passage. This is what led to air conditioning come in to the main stream as a concept, and take the form which we see it taking in the modern times.

Think of the torrential heat which manifests itself in Miami, FL and you would realize how crucial modern technology has become. Air conditioning is what helps us bail out of such torrid summers and the very thought of losing this convenience even for an hour makes one’s mood go sour. If you happen to come to face such a situation where your HVAC breaks down, call 786-549-1244 and get a resolution to your problems though the esteemed intervention from Miami AC Services.


A humble start two decades back, we have seen us servicing small houses to big commercial facilities and enterprises, and resolving air conditioning issues for them. The stellar reputation which we enjoy today with clients is thanks to the undeterred conviction to be of value to our clients and focus on skill and mastering the trade of air conditioning system repair and maintenance. When you work with us for your air conditioning needs, you will never be disappointed with the professional level of services we render.

Be it a new installation , or bringing back a dead air conditioning unit to life by optimum repair or replacement of parts, we can do it all for you. This is what makes us the preferred single stop air condition needs servicer in Miami, FL for most.

The 3 R’s of our service:

  • Responsiveness:

    When your air conditioning starts to get coy in the midst of key business convocation, it is almost like an unsparing nightmare of sorts. Not only does this fill one with rage and anger, one cannot act quickly enough to get respite from it. This is where we at add value in being prompt and immediately responsive with our services. Not only do we reach our clients within 20 minutes from receiving first contact, we are known for some of the swiftest services in the region.

  • Reliability:

    When temperature control and fighting the frequent heat waves is the demand, what is the only control available with most people – air conditioning, hands down! Now think of how important reliability of operations for such appliances is. As important is the reliability of operation, so is the importance of having a reliable professional service provider to repair, install, and maintain the appliances. It is the strong intent to never miss a client’s demand and the uninterrupted support for the client’s needs, which makes us the flagship of reliability in the region.

  • ‘Response’-ability:

    Ever being taken for a ride by a service professional, when being promised service within 5 minutes, there is no sign of the professional service over days? We know this is a common complaint made by clients in the air conditioning market today, with most providers. Expect nothing short of the commitment we make, when you work with us. Our technicians have a track record of getting to distressed clients within 30 minutes, and that is the level of service which we are known for.

What we do?

  • Miami AC Services Miami, FL 786-549-1244AC system repair
  • Clearing of air ducts
  • Commercial HVAC system maintenance
  • Air quality control and improvement
  • Replacement and repair of components
  • New HVAC installation
  • Repair of compressor/condenser
  • Periodic maintenance contracts for ACs at home
  • Filter change and clearing
  • Recharging of refrigerant
  • 24/7 emergency AC repair

Keeping up absolute comfort, always

An air conditioner is a comfort item – an appliance which one installs to lead a comfortable lifestyle in the office or home, and such an appliance breaking down can really turn out to be a nightmare. This is where you will benefit by partnering with us, who are the most prominent name in the commercial and residential cooling solutions in the region. Be it in the middle of the night or over a weekend when you happen to face air conditioning woes, be assured that a technician from Miami AC Services is within easy reach from you, and will not disappoint you with the skill or the level of service.

Got a malfunctioning air conditioner giving you sleepless nights? 786-549-1244 is all that you need to call to get ready respite in Miami, FL area!

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