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Imagine spending a fortune on the newest rage in the air conditioning market, and bringing it home , looking forward to dawn on the DIY freak hat and install it  yourself. You will soon realize that such thinking is easier thought than done, as the HVACs and other air conditioning equipment today is highly typically, and it can be quite a challenge setting it all up. This is why you need professionals to assist you with such a task.

When it comes to using a professional hand at new air conditioning installations, there hardly is anyone better to choose other than Miami AC Services. With years of new installation experience in the air cooling space, the company has handled such projects for numerous residential and customer facilities over these years. A 24 hour helpline – 786-549-1244 is all that you need to call on to experience pocket friendly new AC installations in Miami, FL area.

Why hire our professionals?

  • Time-saving:

    Do not underestimate the complexity of a modern day HVAC as the host of components it has and the way they need to be assembled can leave even the most proficient DIY enthusiasts baffled. It’s best hence to assign the job to a professional, who would know how to complete the installation in least time.

  • Proper installation:

    If the statistics are to be trusted, half of the money which people spend on air conditioning maintenance goes into correcting issues at the time of installation. This is where our installation experts can come in and assist you with elite air conditioner installation services. We can ensure that the installation is such that there are no subsequent energy losses stemming from improper insulation.

  • Warranty concerns:

    Most companies will not honor any warranties that they place on their air conditioning products, if you go ahead and either install the unit yourself, or rope in a local vendor for the same. We at Miami AC Services will be the preferred choice yet again, thanks to the dense network of alliance which we have with the major brands in air conditioner manufacturing, hence helping you retain manufacturer warranty.

  • All-time availability:

    When do you think you would most conveniently want a new air conditioner installed? A weekend or a weekday off work time perhaps, but this is when it will be hard to find any installation professional to assist you. We have our team operational 24X7, all days of the week, and can service an installation request at your time of convenience.

Finding the right HVAC for your needs:

Try going on random forage for an air conditioner for your home or office, and you will feel lost in the host of providers and brands which are found galore. Not just that you would have to pick out the first option that you get, there is always a chance that the provider which you choose to work with is not good enough for the job, especially given the sub standard horde of AC service and repair companies in the region. There are a lot of industry standards and best practices to be mastered as well, such as SEER ratings, duct work standards, smart thermostats etc., which should be known to a service provider, but sadly is pretty rare with most. This is why you should always take the time and effort to make the choice of the best service provider, like Miami AC Services, as this will save you from a lot of inconvenience in the future.

Types of air conditioning systems we can install:

  • Miami AC Services Miami, FL 786-549-1244Split ACs or central cooling systems
  • Mini-split ductless air conditioners
  • Air conditioners at windows
  • Hybrid cooling units
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Packaged air conditioners
  • Geo thermal systems

Going for a new AC installation at home? Get it done in the best way possible in Miami, FL, by giving us a call on 786-549-1244!