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So now that you are at home, you think you can breathe easy, in fresh air at home? Think again, as most people are oblivious to the fact that they are much worse than passive smokers, while they inhale the air in homes.Miami, FL has seen a lot of depreciation in the overall air quality and the even the air in homes has seen a lot of decline in quality. This has been having dire impact on the overall health of the dwellers in the region, and hence is an issue which needs to be looked into urgently. Thus as a house owner, it becomes your duty to pay heed to the health condition in your home and take necessary steps to bring about a safe living environment.

I have an AC installed. Why should I worry about air quality?

Well this is atypical mentality of most people and this is why most of us do not think beyond an air conditioner, when it comes to improving indoor air quality. But think about the case where organic growth in the ducts or other components of your air conditioning unit can spread into the house sucked in with the air, and pollute the air even further. Also, the dust and grit which flies rife from the duct can add to the already degraded quality of the indoor air. So think again when you expect your air conditioner to be the best defense against pollutants in your home.

This is where a professional AC servicing company such as Miami AC Services can come to your rescue and help you improve the quality of air you breathe in your home. Give us a call on 786-549-1244 and have our experts come in and make sure your home’s environment is pristine and healthy. Our indoor air quality improvement programs have been designed keeping the specific needs of a lot of home and office owners in mind, and have helped many in this cause.

Cleaning service to keep your air clean!

Expect cent percent support and interest when you have us working with you in keeping your home free from dust, pollutants and other organic bacteria, which can bring in lasting harm to you and your loved ones. We commence with a thorough inspection of your air conditioner and the various modules in it, to find out any deposits of grit or organic growth. These may include the condenser, ductwork, humidifiers or the general outside cover of your cooling unit. We can clean out any clogging in the drain pans, and make the air filters work in their best condition, devoid of any obstructions.

Installing the right air quality products:

While securing the air conditioner or the cooling unit is the very first step in going for a clean and bug free air inside your premises, there are a host of supplementary products in the market today, which can help you add another layer of protection. These however are quite specialized and it is best that an expert should intervene, without leaving you alone to manage this yourself. Expect Miami AC Services to be this expert of choice for you, and we can come in to suggest the most suited products for you, while taking into account the architecture and the ergonomics of your facility. This way you can ensure you breathe not just easy, but also fresh in your premises.

Some of our products include:

  • Miami AC Services Miami, FL 786-549-1244air filters and purifiers fit to requirements
  • Purifiers for advanced functions
  • Microbial growth curbing UV light based systems
  • UV lights powered by PHI cells
  • REME lighting apparatus
  • Air cleaners

Do not leave air quality control in your premises to chance and call in the most renowned provider of air quality improvement services in Miami, FL today, simply by ringing on 786-549-1244.