Turn back the pages of history and you’ll find that where now stands a city that’s world famous for its glitz, glamour and vivid night scene, there once used to be a wilderness. The story of Miami’s rise from nothingness is one that reverberates to this day; it’s the story of how change can be instant, and transformation inevitable. A century ago, Miami rose rapidly attracting a huge influx of settlers who poured in to experience its radiant aura, warm climate, beautiful beaches and breathtaking beauty firsthand. Today, it is a center of trade, finance, culture, arts, commerce, entertainment, and most of all, tourism, rightfully earning its name as the ‘Magic City’.

What goes around comes around:

While the phenomenal growth of Miami is no less than an epic in itself, it has come at a cost. With rapid population growth and urbanization, people resorted to using air conditioners to keep cool in the uncomfortably hot summers. Miami had always been vulnerable to hurricanes and floods, but this further aggravated the issue, prompting dramatic climate changes. Survival without an air conditioner in the Magic city is impossible, but what’s possible is to use it the smart way, so as to cause minimal impact on the environment and help the city retain its magic.

How Miami AC Services makes it possible?

We follow a business model that allows us to work ethically, with the best interests of the community and the city at heart! That’s why, unlike other AC service companies in Miami, you won’t find us selling you an oversized air conditioner to make a quick buck or leaving the job half-baked that prompts for a repair again. We work with diligence, and always advice our clients on the best course of action. Whether you want to achieve greater energy efficiency or are worried that a refrigerant leak could be causing more than its fair share of damage to the environment, you can count on us to remedy the issue. Right from installation to repairs, from A to Z, count on us to be your one-stop AC service destination.

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  • Miami AC Services Miami, FL 786-549-1244Installing a new air conditioner
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  • Laying out ducts
  • Centralized AC installation
  • Ductless mini-split system setup
  • Contractual maintenance plans
  • Indoor air quality improvement
  • Refrigerant leak fix
  • Air filter change/replacement
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